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Recruitment for Business Growth and Fulfillment Executive Officer (BGFEO)

  1. Accepting the terms and conditions means a user has read all the terms and conditions, instructions and all the information given in the website that may or may not be related to the BGFEO recruitment. 

  2. Participating in Online Assessment Interview is not a guarantee for appointment as BGFEO.

  3. We reserve all the rights to accept or reject a participant based on their performance in online assessment interview. 

  4. Selected participants will be sent appointment letter, participants will have to sign it and return it to the employer.

  5. A selected participant is free to choose his/her own target. Salary will be offered based on chosen target by the participant.

  6. A selected participant can opt either for full time job or half time job, can also choose working hours.

  7. 'Offered salary' is an amount that is offered to you on selecting a monthly target by you and 'Salary in hand' is what you receive. Since a BGFEO is free to choose his/her own target, the salary in hand depends on the performance/target achieved by you (participant/employee/BGFEO), means how much of the target you have chosen is completed by you. And how much target you complete depends on your skills, efforts and time given to the job. So the salary in hand is not limited or fixed to offered salary. If you achieve target more than you have chosen then your in hand salary will be higher than the offered salary (in the same ratio the offered salary is given), and if you achieve target less than you have chosen then your in hand salary will be lower than the offered salary (in the same ratio the offered salary is given).

  8. Target and offered salary vary based on products and services. Current target and offered salary can be changed if you are given a different product / service.

  9. A 'target' means fulfilling/completing an order received from a client or selling a unit/a service/ a product to a client. 

  10. Salary will be paid in 2 installments, 75% of your salary will be deposited on the 1st day of the month and the rest 25% of your salary will be deposited on the 8th day of the month.

  11. The general working days are all 7 days but you have to work 6 days a week. You will be required to work for such hours as necessary for the proper discharge of your duties to the Organization. 

  12. The general working hours are from 10 am to 7 pm and you are expected to work not less than the hours weekly that you have chosen, and if necessary for additional hours depending on your responsibilities. Working time can be changed according to need. 

  13. Your daily attendance will be recorded by verifying the daily minimum visits completed by you. Minimum 6 visits to different potential clients/clients per hour is mandatory and your total visits per day depends on how many hours per day of work you have chosen to do. Failing to do so will result in paying a fine (for the day) with this formula - [A = Chosen work hours per day * 60₹], [B = % of incomplete visits of the day], [C = A*B/100], then [A-C]. The fine will be deducted from your next salary. But, If you complete your incomplete visits by doing overtime any day before the salary then the fine will not be charged. 

  14. A visit is not counted when client/potential client is not available to meet.

  15. Weekly leave day -  Sunday.

  16. You are entitled to casual leave of 12 days per year. You can only take CL if you have earned it, you will earn it once every month. The number of CL you can take depends on how many you have earned it, but no more than 3 days CL will be allowed to take at once. Taking more leaves than earned will result in paying the fine (per extra leave) with this formula -  [Chosen work hours per day * 60₹].

  17. Taking prior approval is compulsory to take a leave.

  18. The Organization shall notify a list of declared holidays time to time.

  19. If demanded by a potential client/client to arrange a visit or meeting on a holiday/leave day then you can't deny it. However you are entitled to earn bonus in such situations.  

  20. Absence for a continuous period of seven days without prior approval of your superior, (including overstay on leave / training) would result in your losing your lien on the service and the same shall automatically come to an end without any notice or intimation. In some cases it can be settled by paying fine as decided by authority.

  21. All BGFEO officers are required to wear and use organization's The Web Band written embroidered apparels, ID card and accessories as official dress code while on duty, it is compulsory for all selected participants to get appointed as BGFEO officer. 'The Web Band' embroidered apparel has written our organization's name on it and it gives our organization's recognition and identification, so if you don't wear it you might lose the trust of a client/potential client and get rejected and it will affect your productivity and performance. And since it is compulsory, we will provide these free of cost. You will have to buy it from our website after the appointment then we will refund the amount with 1st salary.  (Since we promise that in this job an employee is given freedom like choosing working hours and target and no pressure or workload, so, for the security of the employment for organization all the selected participants will have to buy it 1st, then the amount will be refunded with 1st salary). The cost of The Web Band embroidered apparel and is 650₹.

  22. To claim the refund for The Web Band embroidered apparel, the minimum payout of salary must be 5000₹. 

  23. After appointment, selected participants will have to upload required documents, fill required details online.

  24. The current address provided by selected participants will be verified by visiting the location and the deliveries will be made to this address only. Participants are required to inform when they change their current residential address and provide address proof for the same.

  25. A BGFEO officer will have to go through the training phase. After training they will be posted. 

  26. During a payment If the fee amount is deducted from your account and if that amount also isn't credited in our account then it is a fault of payment gateway and the payment gateway is responsible for the refund. In this case the deducted amount will be auto refunded within 15 days.

  27. A BGFEO must have an active bank account with debit/ATM card, must be using mobile banking and UPI.

  28. If any document or entered information is found fraud then candidature or employment will be cancelled and no refund will be given.

  29. A BGFEO will have to follow the rules and regulations directed by us to prevent COVID.

  30. A BGFEO or a candidate will have to follow the instructions given by us time to time.

  31. A BGFEO will be responsible for any theft or lose of property of the web band that is given to him/her for work and will be responsible to pay for the lose and theft.

  32. A BGFEO will be responsible to pay any challan or legal notice which is generated by govt because of any violation of law by him/her while working.

  33. We will not be responsible for any lose or theft of BGFEO's personal property while he/she is on work.

  34. Once you have made the payment then it will be considered that you have read all the information, instructions, terms and conditions carefully and you accept all the terms and conditions.

  35. We reserve the right to change terms and conditions any time without prior notice.

  36. We reserve the right to make methods, rules and regulations , terms & conditions and can change it anytime without any prior notifications.

  37. We reserve the right to cancel the employment of a BGFEO if he/she fails to comply with rules, regulations and instructions directed by us.

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