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Recruitment for BGFEO
(Business Growth & Fulfilment Executive Officer)

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BGFEO Recruitment Details

Salary & Perks:

  1. Salary: Up to ₹96,000 Per Month.

  2. Incentive.

  3. Promotion.



  1. 6-7 days leaves/holidays per month.

  2. 24 days of work per month.


Other Highlights:

  1. No workload or pressure.

  2. Degree / min education not compulsory.

  3. experience not compulsory.



  1. Age - Minimum 21 years.

  2. Education - Must have basic knowledge of English Language (Reading & Writing).

  3. Must have smartphone with active internet pack.


Suitable for:

  1. Educated unemployed.

  2. Who are troubled by workload, pressure and taunts of boss.

  3. If your current salary is lower than what you deserve.

How to apply for BGFEO?

BGFEOs will be selected by one on one assessment interview. Call us at 7582839376, we will guide you through the steps to apply for BGFEO.

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